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Jan. 13th, 2007

hey guys- I am SOOOO sorry I haven't been working on Owl Light in basically forever. Please forgive me! Truth be told, I'm not too fond of pen and ink anymore. Hear me out here, I'm going ot finish up this first chapter the way I've been working, but don't be shocked if when Chapter two hits, it's in a completely different style.

That being said, you might be asking yourself "so... when's this comic going to get going again?" the answer to that question is soon. Yeah, soon- can you believe it? This last semester was busy busy busy, and I expect this semester to be the same, but I'm taking one less class, and I only have one class per day every day of the week, and they're all in the morning, so I'll have basically all my afternoons and evenings free to work work work. I've been feeling like I've neglected my comic work because, in all honesty it scares me. I know it's not up to par, but whatever, I don't care. It's not like I'm ever going to publish this- it's just for fun, because it's something I like to do. As long as I keep this in mind, I know I can keep going, no matter what happens.

Thanks for sticking with us!
Also, I finally got my personal website up and running, which I plan to use as the owl light site as well. You can check it out if you want. jayshay.com
and this is a little old too, but I realized I never posted it, so, here you are.

keep it real.

new art

hey friends. quick post, because of my killer headache!
new art
warning, it's kind of huge, but I don't feel like going and resizing it right now.
check it outCollapse )

happy halloween-

chapter I page 8

Hey look- an update! Page 8 comin at ya!

click to enlarge

so yeah, I've decided to stop using a ruler on my borders. For the reason that... I don't wanna use a ruler on my borders anymore, haha. We'll see how that works out. Enjoy this nuget of joy. Lord knows when the next page'll show up.

be looking for my 24 hour comic in the near future-

p.s. i forgot nicoline's eyebrow piercing! curses!

off topic

SO, since I probably won't get another Owl Light page done this week before 24 hour comic day on Saturday, I'm putting up my recently finished project. We had to make a 3-5 pg comic of an event from our childhood. This is mine. I just finished and scanned it, so sorry if it's a little sloppy, but... it's 3 in the morning, so deal with it. haha ok.

Kind of a very personal subject I've wanted to write about/visually depict for a while so, here it is (the cliff notes version lol)

ContemptCollapse )

chapter I page 7

Better late then never, huh? I found some time this week that I didn't have to do homework! So, I utalized the time to finally finish up page 7, which inked surprisingly quickly. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The rubble could have been more defined/easily readable, but whatever.

Oh, and it took me forever to write the reporter's speach in this page and the pages to come. So here it is:

click to enlarge

also I offer you a gothic lolita sketchCollapse )

OK! Hopefully you'll see another Owl Light post before October 7th (which is 24 hour comic book day! If you have ANY interest in every making a comic book, you should check it out)


so sorry

Sorry guys, looks like there's not going to be an update today. I was going so good the past seven weeks. Unfortunately, I am back in school, and, being a Junior, the work load is incredible. Not that I'm complaining, it just leaves very little time and energy to put into Owl Light at this time. I do have the page for this week penciled, it's just a matter of inking and finishing. Hopefully sometime this week? Don't get your hopes up though, sorry. And I do have page 8 thumbnailed as well and have begun to lay that out. I hope you all understand, my classes and assignments do come first, but I'm not giving up on this- I'm working on it whenever I get a chance- we'll just have a strange period of update sessions this semester.

BUT something to look forward to= OCTOBER 7TH IS NATIONAL 24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY! This means I will (attempt to) create a 24 page comic book in 24 hours with a bunch of other crazy people! Unfortunate it will have nothing to do with Owl Light- it's a rule. Nothing can be pre planned out, it all has to be done on the spot. But whatever, it's a comic!

Again, sorry so sorry. I will continue to work and plot and plug along!

chapter I page 6

Oh man, there is so much to say, so so much. I am back in school once more. Junior year if you can believe it. This means I get my own studio space. It's so great getting an area that I can just do art in, and all my fellow illustration majors are with me. Much creativity everywhere!

So, on a low note, here is page 6. I hate it. I always did and I always will. But don't let that stop you from looking at it.

click to enlarge

Alright alright!
Let's hope I can keep this going with all my homework and my job!
next tuesday my friends-

P.S. the poll in the last update is at 50/50!!! someone- anyone- break this tie!!


quick poll, because I really must know.

Poll #814405 which would make a better supervillian power?

which is more frightening?

burning pine cones
burning marshmallows

chapter I page 5

Ugh... I'm moving back to Maine tomorrow, so this update serves as my break from packing. I can't wait to get my laptop hooked up to the internet and use it for all this crap. (fyi: I've been using my mothers these past summer months)

So here is page 5, my personal favorite so far. I'm particularly proud of the center wideshot, and the bottom left open pannel. They both make me smile.

click to enlarge

Also, my classes are starting up this week. So next update will officially start the Tuesday update schedule.

Ok, back to packing.

Until Tuesday-

p.s. rip steve irwin.

chapter I page 4

I am so rediculously sorry for the lateness of this update. Mondays are no good. Work, shots, getting lost, doctors calls, medication complications, back 2 school shopping, etc. etc. But anyway, page four. By the way, not as finished as I would like.

click to enlarge

I think I'm going to move the update schedule to Tuesdays. The reasons, a. (see above) and b. once school starts next week, monday is my pain in the ass day. classes from 9am to 9pm practically non-stop. But Tuesday is class-free. Therefore, the right choice.

Keep it in mind for next week!