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for those who care...

for those of you wondering if Owl Light has died, you are wrong. We're still here (or I am... Caitlin, where for art thou? Seriously haven't seen you in too long) and still makin' comics. It's been almost three months since the last page was posted. But don't fret.

I'm working on getting a bunch of pages done before I go back to school, where I have access to tools such as Illustrator and a wacom tablet (which was supposed to be my birthday present from my rents three months ago as well, and I still haven't seen it). So I'm going to ask you all to wait a bit longer- Septemeber. BUT the good news is that it will (hopefully) be a massive comic update. Perhaps the first chapter and then some. I think that kind of updating will work better for the story anyway. Multiple pages rather than one ever now and then.

So, I know I say this all the time but, stick around. You'll be seeing more of us soon.

chapter I page 15

Page 15! Up in record time!
Still working on text balloons and hand lettering. Whatever.

click to enlarge

Off to watch LOST,

chapter I page 14

better late than never. My hand lettering is terrible, and adding the text in the computer was a last minute thing I did. Once I some extra money, I'm going to be creating my own text based on my handwriting, so it'll look a lot better. But this gets the point across.

click to enlarge

note the black borders, which are the universal symbol for "flashback".

until whenever,

i'm a liar.

So no new page. I know I said there would be one, but as we've all come to understand, I lie. I'm a lying liar.

Truth (haha) be told, the reason I don't have another page is because the computer has seduced me, and now when I try to make a comic page with traditional pen and ink, it just looks... bad. I wanted to stick to Owl Light using pen and ink... but I don't know anymore. We'll see. I'm halfway done with the next page anyway, so I'll put it up... soon? maybe?

Until then, my apologies. Please accept this INCREDIBLY LAME sketch. Well, the sketch is good... what I did to it in photoshop is SUPERLAME but whatever. It's a picture.

The other reason I'm posting is to pimp this site. girl-wonder.org Jamie Hogan, one of my illustration professors gave me a couple articles about female super heroes in comics, and how most of them die horribly, usually off guard and unheroically, and are forgotten. The article focuses largely on Stephanie Brown, the fourth Robin of Batman. She was bound and tortured with a powerdrill for several issues and subsequently died. And unlike the one other Robin that died before her, she has no memorial in the Batcave.

"In 1988, a boy who was Batman's Robin was killed. Batman was grief-stricken. Rightly or wrongly, he blamed himself. But when a girl he failed was killed in 2004, everyone knew who was to blame: her.

The first dead Robin, a male character named Jason, was given a memorial in Batman's cave. This took the form of one of the Robin uniforms Jason had worn, encased in glass with an inscription reading 'A Good Soldier' at its base. This memorial has become an image instantly recognised by any Batman reader.

The second dead Robin, a female character named Stephanie, doesn't have a memorial. In fact, DC seems to have forgotten she existed at all."

Now, I'm usually the last person to declare myself a femanist, but these articles really got me thinking and actually a little outraged. The female beast withing me is awakening.
So girl-wonder.org is dedicated to supporting female heroes in mainstream comics. I think it's a really great site, especially since I'm writing a superhero comic with a mainly female cast. I just thought it'd be good food for thought.

ain't it a fine life....

Ok guys, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. Every time I tell you it's gonna be different, I always stop updating regularly. Part of this is because I went home for Spring Break and got thrown off track, and part of it is because I'm working on a completely separate 17 page comic book for one of my classes. And also part of it is because I'm a little lazy.

But I have our next page all laid out. Just need to ink it really. I'm hoping to have it up this weekend, seeing as school is almost out, and classes for Wednesday next week are cancelled, so I have that day to devote to all my schoolwork, so I can kind of take it easy this weekend.

So keep your eyes open, I swear I'm not gonna let this thing die!

see you in the very near future-

chapter I page 13

click to enlarge

Page 13 up on time! not much to say about this one except that I like that it's looking a lot cleaner. I don't like how Nicoline keeps ending pages with unfinished sentences, but oh well.

I'm gonna go get some ice cream!

see you on the flip side-

snow day delay

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post the new page yesterday, we got hit with that the news is refering to as "The Valentine's Day Nor'Easter". We had a snow day and I was super lazy. Things that happened instead of updateing Owl Light:
1. Watched the entire first season of Weeds
2. Watched The Departed which I now own ♥
3. Ate Sushi
4. Watched some of the 'Top Design' marathon on Bravo
5. Watched LOST
6. Watched Nip/Tuck

...yeah, so basically just watched TV all day.
I would have watched the original Star Wars trilogy as well, but I had a killer headache at the end of the day, partly from watching so much television and partly because I didn't get my daily coffee.

But don't worry. The next page is going to go up later today though. I need to drag my computer over to the studio to update the website. So check back here later this evening and it should be on display!

EDIT 2/16/07 OK, here you go, this is page 12!

click to enlarge

I returned to using my old dip pen as opposed to the brush work I had been doing for the last two pages. I just think the pen looks a lot cleaner and more controlled, which is how I prefer the pages to look anyway. I also switched from bristol to bleedproof paper, which helped out a lot too. So yeah, despite the obvious drawing problems, I like it a lot more than the last couple of updates. The next two pages are exciting for me- I have them all planned out!
end edit

right now it's time to write that paper I should have written yesterday!
enjoy the snow (if you're some of the lucky ones who got it!)-

chapter I page 11

Hey, I told you I'd try to get back on track. It's Wednesday and I have page 11 up! I actually don't really like this page, but whatever. The only part I do like about it is Patrick's panel at the bottom.

click to enlarge

we'll have to suffer through some more pages of explanation before this chapter is over and done with. Then we can start moving in Chapter Two. If I could go back and do it again, I'd like to have written this so that it started up a bit faster, but alas. We didn't actually really write anything at all, per say...

But that's that.
until next week

chapter I page 10

Ok, so I figured out a little while ago that I can't update my website from my dorm because the internet connection blows. The good news is MECA has internet available for me to use. The bad news is I have to lug my laptop (and yes, it is really heavy) to school whenever I want to update. Lucky for you I'm dedicated (sometimes). So you best be grateful!

anyway, this is page 10. Double digits baby!

click to enlarge

Enjoy it, and I'll be back with another update next Wednesday. I've decided those will be the best days to update. Right in the middle of my week when I don't really feel like doing any of my real work, right?


page 9 up

Hey kids, I told you we'd have an update soon. Sorry it's been about three months since the last page... but here's some good news!
Owl Light is no longer on photobucket! It has a new home on my online portfolio right here: OWL LIGHT

That made me really happy. SO here's page nine. Pretty simple, and I realized after I finished that I used a different kind of Bristol, and this is actually white white, where my other bristol was kinda cream white. but whatever. I also ditched my nib pen and did all the ink works with my brush.

click to enlarge

Things that I would like to change come chapter two:
a) no more bristol
b) no more ink
c) work larger

hopefully we'll be back with an update sooner than later.
keep the peace.