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snow day delay

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post the new page yesterday, we got hit with that the news is refering to as "The Valentine's Day Nor'Easter". We had a snow day and I was super lazy. Things that happened instead of updateing Owl Light:
1. Watched the entire first season of Weeds
2. Watched The Departed which I now own ♥
3. Ate Sushi
4. Watched some of the 'Top Design' marathon on Bravo
5. Watched LOST
6. Watched Nip/Tuck

...yeah, so basically just watched TV all day.
I would have watched the original Star Wars trilogy as well, but I had a killer headache at the end of the day, partly from watching so much television and partly because I didn't get my daily coffee.

But don't worry. The next page is going to go up later today though. I need to drag my computer over to the studio to update the website. So check back here later this evening and it should be on display!

EDIT 2/16/07 OK, here you go, this is page 12!

click to enlarge

I returned to using my old dip pen as opposed to the brush work I had been doing for the last two pages. I just think the pen looks a lot cleaner and more controlled, which is how I prefer the pages to look anyway. I also switched from bristol to bleedproof paper, which helped out a lot too. So yeah, despite the obvious drawing problems, I like it a lot more than the last couple of updates. The next two pages are exciting for me- I have them all planned out!
end edit

right now it's time to write that paper I should have written yesterday!
enjoy the snow (if you're some of the lucky ones who got it!)-


Feb. 16th, 2007 01:07 am (UTC)
Oh, "The Departed"! When Tom took me out to see it, I definitely told him all about how you WERE the Irish Mafia.

I <3 you, Irish Mafia!

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