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i'm a liar.

So no new page. I know I said there would be one, but as we've all come to understand, I lie. I'm a lying liar.

Truth (haha) be told, the reason I don't have another page is because the computer has seduced me, and now when I try to make a comic page with traditional pen and ink, it just looks... bad. I wanted to stick to Owl Light using pen and ink... but I don't know anymore. We'll see. I'm halfway done with the next page anyway, so I'll put it up... soon? maybe?

Until then, my apologies. Please accept this INCREDIBLY LAME sketch. Well, the sketch is good... what I did to it in photoshop is SUPERLAME but whatever. It's a picture.

The other reason I'm posting is to pimp this site. girl-wonder.org Jamie Hogan, one of my illustration professors gave me a couple articles about female super heroes in comics, and how most of them die horribly, usually off guard and unheroically, and are forgotten. The article focuses largely on Stephanie Brown, the fourth Robin of Batman. She was bound and tortured with a powerdrill for several issues and subsequently died. And unlike the one other Robin that died before her, she has no memorial in the Batcave.

"In 1988, a boy who was Batman's Robin was killed. Batman was grief-stricken. Rightly or wrongly, he blamed himself. But when a girl he failed was killed in 2004, everyone knew who was to blame: her.

The first dead Robin, a male character named Jason, was given a memorial in Batman's cave. This took the form of one of the Robin uniforms Jason had worn, encased in glass with an inscription reading 'A Good Soldier' at its base. This memorial has become an image instantly recognised by any Batman reader.

The second dead Robin, a female character named Stephanie, doesn't have a memorial. In fact, DC seems to have forgotten she existed at all."

Now, I'm usually the last person to declare myself a femanist, but these articles really got me thinking and actually a little outraged. The female beast withing me is awakening.
So girl-wonder.org is dedicated to supporting female heroes in mainstream comics. I think it's a really great site, especially since I'm writing a superhero comic with a mainly female cast. I just thought it'd be good food for thought.

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